In the spring of 2015 the ESSANUF project was awarded funding of 2 million euros from the European Atomic Energy Community, Euratom. The project was launched in September, 2015 and its planned duration is 26 months. The project has participants from nine different corporations/organizations in a consortium that is coordinated by Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB.

The overall aim of the project is to create greater security of energy supply and contribute to the security of supply of nuclear fuel for Russian designed pressurized water reactors (VVER) operating in the EU by diversification of fuel sources and in full compliance with nuclear safety standards.

The main technical objectives of the project is to:

  • develop a conceptual state-of-the-art VVER-440 fuel design, including an assessment of the manufacturing capabilities, including sub suppliers

  • develop the methods and methodology required to qualify the VVER-440 fuel design for operation

  • create, to the extent possible, a generic licensing scope for the qualification of the fuel design in Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The ESSANUF project is divided into nine so called work packages. The work packages and an overview of the project time schedule are presented in the Figure 1.